South Terrace Croquet Club Adelaide

The Club, established in 1911, is in an idyllic parkland setting, offering 2 croquet courts, and a fine clubhouse adjoining magnificent gum trees. The Club emblem is the Adelaide Rosella as there are many of these beautiful birds in the immediate vicinity. The Club, located in the southeast corner of the Adelaide Parklands, is accessible via Beaumont Road at the junction of South and East Terrace.

Playing times: Summer Programme 2022

Monday9:30 am to NoonGolf Croquet
Tuesday9:30 am to Noon
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Aussie Croquet
Golf Croquet
Wednesday10:00 am to 12:00 pmGolf Croquet
Thursday2:00 pm to 4:00 pmGolf Croquet
Friday9:30 am to NoonGolf Croquet
Sunday9:30 am to NoonGolf Croquet

Come & Try Sessions

Golf croquet is an exciting game played all over the world.

It is a deceptively simple game involving skill, judgement, strategy, and tactics.

Golf croquet can be played at a social level for fun by anyone regardless of gender, size, body type, or age.  

It is also a game that can become addictive, high-skilled, and extremely competitive!  

Golf croquet provides good all-round exercise for the body and mind.

It is a healthy balance of fun and competition, all played out in a beautiful parkland setting.

We offer free Introductory Sessions, which include the use of all equipment and the provision of basic coaching supervised by members.  All that is required is for visitors to wear flat-soled shoes or sneakers and casual comfortable clothing.  

Corporate Functions

We host corporate functions during the year with members available to provide instruction, supervision and coaching to participants on how to play croquet.  Drinks are available from our bar at reasonable prices. All equipment is provided.

Glenn Martin – 0400 290 031 (

Annual Membership Fees

Either $260.00 plus the playing fee* on each day of play or
$460 composite annual subscription with no playing fee.
There is an additional payment of around $120 each October for all members with respect to the SACA Registration and Insurance fee.

$130.00 plus $65 SACA Registration & Insurance.

$130.00 (50% of full fees)

*Fees are payable pro-rata
based on the time of joining.

Classes of Membership

CLUB MEMBERS who are registered with SACA (Croquet SA) are entitled to play for STCC. 
COUNTRY MEMBERS residing more than 40 kilometres from the Club and may be registered with SACA (Croquet SA) to play for another club. 
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are registered with SACA to play for another club. 
STUDENT MEMBERS are less than 18 years of age (or full-time students under 25 years of age).  Members may apply for a change in their class of membership, as provided in the Constitution.

Playing Fees per Person

Members (including Country and Associate Members) $4.00*(No playing fee is required if the annualised composite fee of $460 has been paid.)
Visitors $8.00 (Student Visitors $3.00)

“COME AND TRY” VISITORS are encouraged and expected to become members after 6 visits.  They may use club mallets without charge.
CLUB MALLETS:   New members may use club mallets for a period of 6 months and thereafter are expected to provide their own mallets.